New to Stessa I need help with general expenses

Good evening! I’m new to Stessa. I’m trying to find where and how do I record general business expenses eg. business lic. office supplies, subscriptions, when they aren’t assigned to a particular property? Thanks!!

Hey Dave,

When you’re editing a transaction, there’s a dropdown showing which property you want to apply the transaction to. At the very top of that list is your whole portfolio (mine’s called “Jeff’s Portfolio”). Just select that top item and the expense is not applied to any particular property.

Thank you Jeff. Is there a report that will show just the portfolio expenses?

@webuyweber Dave, it’s an extra step, but if you download the “tax package” report (it’s emailed to you by Stessa), you will have a separate column of “Dave’s Portfolio” for all categories.

  • Tom

Awesome!!! Thank you!!!

I too am new to Stessa (as in I started today). I bought a new property and have A LOT of expenses with the rehab. Where do I keep those contractor contracts and copies of receipts?

Good morning. I haven’t used this portion yet, but under “Dashboard” scroll to the bottom of the page and there is a place to add a new project. I believe you can add the details there. You should be able to upload or scan receipts in from your phone to this New project as will. There will be drop down menus for different categories.
Under the “Documents” tab is a place to upload different docs. Maybe a good place to add contracts etc. You can also assign the docs to a particular property.
Hope this helps!!

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thank you so much, Dave. I appreciate your help.