Adding Categories, is Stessa the wrong accoounting tool for me?

I have read the forum and understand that custom categories are not allowed under Stessa. I have been test driving Stessa as an alternative to Quickbooks. I am a Realtor that flips houses and has rental properties. Some of the categories that I need are set up in Stessa already which is great. But I have a lot of other things that I pay for as business expenses that I can easily categorize in Quickbooks. Examples might be Cell Phone expense…what category do I use for this expense in Stessa? Monthly Storage Unit cost, Google cloud storage cost, Tools cost, and many more. Based on the way I operate the business, is Stessa not the tool for me? In order to use Stessa would I need to create another bank account that I would need to use to pay for expenses that are not direct expenses for a property and track those costs separately? Have other people using Stessa set up a system for this? Thanks for your help, Scott

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Cell phone expense would go under utility/telephone, cable, and internet. I would put google cloud in the admin/software subscriptions category.

Id put tools under R&M Supplies

I have 2 separate cash management accounts. One for general business expense (which i assign at the portfolio level) and another account for property specific expenses that i assign at the property level

I have been a new user as well and so far I don’t feel moving on to this system, as the customer service seems nonexistent. Both queries on the chat and the forums look unanswered. I don’t mind paying for the software, but accordingly we would need responsiveness on customer service side. The landlord accounts would add great values to my business as I have good sized balances in my accounts that can earn interest, but I posed a question regarding the compliance and safety of these accounts on forum which has been unanswered for almost 2 weeks. Same question asked on chat but so far it is unanswered.

Also, not being able to input custom category and sub-categories is big no-no. I am a software developer myself and I don’t see how and why it is so difficult to add these features if the platform is built right and they have staff to support it.

I am still experimenting with it, but very disappointed so far.


What sort of items do you put in your General Business Expenses bucket? I’m wondering if Hospitable, Price Labs, Canva, Touch Stay (which I currently split between properties) should go into a general expense bucket instead of a property bucket.

I feel you. Zero customer service is a no go for me. If I have a little bit of training and coaching I am sure that I could make it work for me, but as of now I am lost! I am super bummed as I was excited about this platform.

Wonder if anyone from Stessa is even paying attention to unhappy customers like us?

Sorry, just seeing this now.

I think of general expenses such as Microsoft subscription, business-specific memberships, office supplies, tools, etc. as general business expenses. items that I do not use at solely a specific property.