Short term / Airbnb rental expenses, more detailed categories

I run a short-term rental business and really enjoy using Stessa, but as I track my ongoing operational expenses, I find the Linens, Soaps, & Other Consumables category too broad to be useful in analyzing my expenses – it becomes a catch-all for all of my day-to-day rental expenses, and I can’t tell how much I am spending on categories within that group (e.g., replacement sheets vs cleaning products for my cleaning team vs. coffee/tea and other amenities for guests). It also distorts my ability to understand my property-related repairs and maintenance expenses at quick glance, as my Repairs & Maintenance account is dominated by these types of operating expenses.

Ideally, the Linens, Soaps, & Other Consumables category would be extracted from Repairs & Maintenance and allowed to standalone as operating expenses (or whatever you wanted to call it) – and include sub-categories for linens and towels, cleaning supplies, guest amenities, consumables, etc.

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Yes! That would be fantastic. If Stessa gets more specific for Airbnb and similar short term properties, there would be a whole new market for Stessa. Nothing else seems to exist for short term rentals managed by property owners.