New Transactions experience bugs

Bugs on the new Transactions experience:

  • Filtering on Amount with only Minimum value will say “$xxx and over” and return no results. Actual Min is $xxx but Max appears set to 0. I need to manually set Max > Min to get anything.
  • Date selection widget moves around as you flip between months. That makes it very hard to use as the “<” and “>” buttons shift up and down vertically, when the months switch between 5 or 6 rows to render.

Hi Ryan, I’m a product manager at Stessa and wanted to thank you for the feedback. We’re going to work on fixing that filtering bug. It’ll probably be sometime next week before the fix is live though.

I’ve also noted the issue with the date widget. We’re also looking into that component but a fix for it might take a bit longer.

Thanks for being a Stessa user!