One bank, two LLCs - Stessa only displays one account, not the other

EDIT: In case someone finds this in the future. I figured it out eventually. The bank uses the same name for the accounts. It calls both LLC1 and LLC2 bank accounts CHECKING 01 and SAVING 02. I renamed the accounts within the bank to something else like CHECKLLC1 and CHECKLL2 and then deleted the banks and restored them but also refreshed the link. This seems to have fixed it.

This one hiccup is really holding me back and causing me some head scratching. I need help figuring out if its a bug or if its me inputting wrong.

Situation is I have a credit union. I have two LLCs that have properties inside them. And each LLC has a different checking account and savings account. Each LLC has a different username and login on the banks site.

For example:

LLC1 has Property 1 and Property 2
LLC3 has Property 3 and Property 4

LLC1 has Checking Account and Saving Account of its own
LLC2 has Different checking account and savings account of its own.

LLC1 login at the bank is LLC1 and Password1
LLC2 login at the bank is LLC2 and Password2

When I add bank in stessa it shows the first LLC1 no problem I can assign it to the correct properties and I can move on.

I then can’t figure out how to add the second, LLC2 to stessa. I hit the add bank button, and I add LLC2 but then the box that should show me my accounts in the bank and finance section is just plain white blank. I can’t get it to link to the second login at all.

Am I missing something here?

Any help would be appreciated.