Linked accounts: Credit unions and smaller lenders

Does anyone else have consistent issues with their linked finance accounts? My bank accounts have stopped syncing in early November, and my mortgage accounts have not synced properly since I closed on my second rental and took out a new mortgage with the same lender of my first rental mortgage. The mortgages are appearing to be the exact same amount.

I have two rental properties that I manage myself. When I first started, I used Excel files to manage my accounting. Found Stessa and was excited about getting away from Excel. Not sure that Stessa is a viable option anymore. Maybe its because I use a credit union?

I would like to know what others are experiencing. Trying to decide if I should just buy other software and move on, or continue to wait for things to get resolved.

Having this issue as well. Definitely a Stessa issue. Not sure how they are integrated but other programs that also integrate via Yodlee work fine for the account that is problematic with Stessa.

Stessa’s secure bank connections are managed through Yodlee, while other online platforms may use a combination of Yodlee, Plaid, and/or other direct integration approaches. These differences can sometimes result in varying end user outcomes across different platforms.

Also note that many banks and lenders are now enforcing login time-outs that may require you to manually refresh your credentials on a recurring basis in order to stay connected.

Either way, we recommend opening a 1:1 support conversation with the Stessa team if you’re having problems with banking connections. We’ll investigate your issue and get back to you with next steps.