Cannot link bank

Hello. I do not see any other option for support. I am interested in the software. I have tried to link my bank several times and it just times out and says something like it cannot verify the credentials. I have verified that the login is correct. How can I speak with someone to resolve this issue?

This is my first attempt at trying this software and so far so bad.

try doing the manual link instead of the auto

I’m having similar issues. Have two different bank accounts at same bank for two different properties.

First Account linked fine and uploaded 12 months transactions.

Second Account is not linking – having all kinds of issues.

Cannot get CSV file to work. (Was hoping to avoid excel altogether as that’s the reason I was leaning on STESSA was to avoid all the excel work.)

Who do I go to for help to get the upload of 12 months transactions for the second account?

On some menus the account appears and on others (such as for manual import) it doesn’t even appear.

HELP !!!

I had the same issue last year and now again this year. 7 months of transactions have disappeared. Excel might be the answer moving forward.