Bank appears linked, but not pulling in transactions

Hello everyone, has anyone encountered issues with a bank appearing to link, but not pulling in any transactions? I can see the bank in data sources, and it shows the current accurate account balance, but not a single transactions has pulled in for 3 days. I have another site I have used that also used Yodlee so I know that the account does support pulling in transactions, but for some reason they aren’t showing up here.

Thanks in advance for any support!

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I have had the same issue. My Discover Business card was syncing initially but stopped??

Have you received any response about this? I’m just being told it’s being added to my support ticket but no actual resolutions??

No. Still doesn’t work.

My bank changed its platform and quit sinking with Stessa and Quickbooks. The bank told me to disconnect my link within Quickbooks, then reconnect it. That worked. I can’t find anyplace in Stessa to disconnect then reconnect my accounts without erasing them all. Please advise.

I am not getting responses to the issue at all, so figuring it is unlikely to be resolved.

@mikejstokes @kari @jfrank Thanks for your patience. We’re working with Yodlee on a number of institutions that are currently experiencing lag times and problems with data refreshes. The specifics of each situation are different so there is no single answer here or expected time until resolution.

Also keep in mind that while other tech platforms may use Yodlee for at least some connections, they also might use Plaid and/or have direct integrations with any number of banks and lenders. The point is that other platforms might be using a different intermediary than Stessa for your specific bank, which is why you might still see a variance in results.

Hope that helps and I will follow-up with our support team to make sure they are getting back to each of you with next steps once available.

I reieved an email from Stessa on November 7th letting me know my connection with Discover was broken and to press the button to reconnect. How is this related to the transactions not being pulled into Stessa?


Jasen Frank
J&M Homes, LLC

@jfrank Since this error is related to your specific banking connection, let’s handle this via a private support conversation. We’ll follow-up with you directly to resolve.

Have you made any progress resolving this? I love your product and have recommended it to a number of people. I would like to be able to continue to use it myself.

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Hi Devin,

I really, really want to fix this. If I disconnect my accounts and reconnect them, will it work? I know I will have to recategorize, but at least it would work.

@kari No, deleting the account and staring over nearly always makes things worse. If there’s a problem, we need the original connection to remain in place while we troubleshoot and work out a fix. Stessa remembers which transactions have already been imported (and won’t pull them again), so removing the connection and then re-adding it often results in significant gaps in your data.

We will get back to you directly with next steps once we have a better understanding of the issue. Thanks for your patience.

My bank wants my P & L for the year.

You and I have been working to fix this for two months. I need a resolution.

Would it be possible to export my data, disconnect my accounts, then erase the existing data in Stessa, reconnect the accounts and import the transactions I exported from Stessa?

Or, should I start an account under a different email address and import the Stessa data?

I am looking for an immediate resolution.

One of my banks has issue with connection since day one I joined Stessa. I can refresh the account and then able to pull the transactions. But the next day, it shows “Action Required” message again. I contacted its support but is not able to resolve it. Since I don’t have many transactions, it’s easier to just upload the transactions myself.

@joeyseven This is most likely a function of your bank’s security settings. Some banks will no longer allow a third-party connection to persist beyond a 24 or 48-hour time period. This means that you may need to “refresh” your credentials and security answers each time you want to pull fresh data into Stessa. You may want to get in the habit of doing weekly or monthly data pulls for efficiency.

@kari We too prefer immediate resolutions, but there are often complicated technical issues involved here and it can take time to get your bank, Yodlee, and Stessa all on the same page. We’ll follow up directly via our existing 1:1 support convo. Thanks for your patience!