Property photo albums, for quick reference, marketing, etc

Right now I just use Dropbox, but it would be convenient to be able to store a photo album for each property on Stessa. I’d like to be able to quickly access photos of repair work or marketing photos.

@christopherkelly92 Have you tried uploading photos to the Documents page? Marketing photos can be categorized as “Purchase & Sale” and evidence of repair work can go in “Vendors > R&M.”

You can also add your own photos to the Property Details page. Just click the small gear icon to the upper right of the photo viewer. Then select “Add/Edit Property Photos.”

Does that work for your purposes?

Ah, did not realize you could add multiple images in the property details page, that certainly helps, though there’s no ability to download those photos back down. Perhaps I’ll upload inspection/repair photos as a zip file under documents. Might do the same with marketing photos, though would prefer a more album style presentation. Thanks for the tips!