Rentec Direct as a "Data Source"

Any trick to get data importation from Rentec? My property manager uses it, and I cannot get Stessa to accept it as a “Data Source” as it states " **Stessa does not support connecting to this Property Manager yet. We are working on new integrations and will keep you updated." I am hoping there is a work around for that. Thanks!

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Open Stessa
click Data Source
Click Add Property Manaager
Use URL of your data source <can be anything
Login xxx
Password xxx

This makes a ‘place holder’ data source that you can used to upload CSV files. When the connection is supported you can change the logins to correct account data. And new data will have the same data source as your CSV file data - At least that is what I am planning on :slight_smile:

I messed mine up on my first account like this now I need to either re-import OR find a way to change account associations - Which Stessa has stated elsewhere is not possible by a user.

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Thanks @bendavies for the reply! That is indeed the best practice since direct connections to Rentec are not currently supported on Stessa.

Thanks, Ben. Will do.


is there a timeline for Rentec Direct to be supported?


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