Salary for assistant, employee / payroll expenses

We manage long-term and short-term rentals. We have an assistant to manage various areas/errands. It would be nice if there is a salary category somwhere.


@h_singh Thanks for the suggestion. Hopefully others who are looking for this will weigh in by voting for your original post! In the meantime, you may want to consider using the top level “Admin & Other” category bucket for this expense. Hope that helps!


I have selected HOA as the category for payroll, because we do not have that expense. It would however be great to have the expense category in a general expenses section labeled Payroll with underneath it Salary, Payroll Service Fees, Payroll Taxes, HRA/Medical and 401k.


I have a similar request; see my comment originally posted here.

Agree, we use Stessa for our holding company but would like to be able to use this for our property management company as well. In order to do so, we need to be able to support payroll-related expenses as well as property management income.


Would be a great addition

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Having an option to enter payroll and payroll related taxes would be awesome!

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Yes, I need this too.

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It has been a question for over a year…

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any progress with this? How do we make this a feature?

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It looks like this is not making the hit list of functionality to be added. Looking for support to get this higher up the to do list :grinning:

Yes please, This would be super helpful. I subscribed to Stessa Pro thinking that this was a feature behind a pay wall…

So yes please, one Million upvotes for me on this one.