Setting to disable automatic categorization for transactions

Stessa trying to guess the category for transactions is really hit or miss, I would love to have an option to just disable it. For my Stessa Cash Management accounts, literally every transaction is a “transfer” even if it’s a cleaner payment or a mortgage payment. I understand that machine learning is setting categories, which is a black box and if it works for people that’s great, I am just not seeing the value in the feature. Alternatively, could we have some kind of visual indicator or filter indicating when a category was set automatically vs manually so I can always go review the automatic ones and not assume it’s out of the “needs review” phase of entering transactions? Disabling automatic categorization seems easier so I would be fine with that, and it can default to “on” so only people like me need to change it.

+1 for this - and for some additional options for existing machine learning. For example - I have 14 properties where I pay sewer. Because some of the amounts are the same between properties Stessa picks one property for each of the amounts that are the same so I end up with that property paying 4-5 sewer fees.