Change setting so Stessa does not auto-categorize

Is there a setting I can change so Stessa does not auto-categorize transactions (specifically the properties)? I like when new transactions are highlighted and are marked as “Needs Review”, because it’s easier to keep track of what I have approved, and what’s new & needs to be reviewed. However, Stessa has started to automatically prefill the category with my “portfolio”, so it doesn’t highlight the new transactions or go to the “Needs Review” tab anymore. Any way to change that?

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@konietzki Is your question about income and expense categories or property assignments? There’s no way to turn off auto-categorization, but you absolutely can turn off auto-assignment of newly imported transactions to specific Properties or Portfolios. That can be accomplished via your External Accounts page – just set the relevant accounts to “Import & Review.”

Check out Managing External Accounts for more info about how this works.