Categorize All New Transactions as Needs Review

Is there anyway to make it so that all new transactions that come in from connected accounts show up under Needs Review?

Some of the transactions that come into my account automatically match the category and property and it doesn’t go into Needs Review. 99% of the time that matching is incorrect and I have to adjust it. It would be easier if they all were there so I could use that as my “To-Do” list to review transactions.

@josh You should be able to set the account to “import and review manually”. You could also set the property link to “None”.


Hope that helps.


Can I not Import Automatically but then require review for each transaction?



@josh I did not intend for any confusion. I believe the wording in their dropdown is a bit misleading. They need a comma. It should read “Import, and review manually”. When I use this setting for the bank account in my screenshot, the transactions are imported automatically (captured) by Stessa. They then show up in the “Needs Review” tab. Stessa attempts to assign the appropriate income/expense category. It does not assign a property. I will also add that my additional setting when connecting this account is that I have the property link set to “none”. This may be a contributing factor to my experience.


There is not the ability to toggle a transaction to Needs Review. Needs Review only happens if Stessa doesnt categorize on its own completely. Yes it is difficult to find things when Stessa completely categorizes and its wrong. Or you have to do some research and then come back to a transaction. We do need the ability to put a transaction to Needs Review

Was a transaction is categorized there is not a function to flag/mark/highlight to come back later and review.

Only of Stessa does not categorize it, into all the fields/categories. I believe we need a function to be able to put transactions into needs review whenever we need to. So far that function is only for Stessa and once you and all the fields there is no way to put it back into needs review. If you Auto upload and do not put property or specific category or missing something else then it will go to Needs Reviewed