Remove transactions from "Needs Review" list

How do you remove a transaction from the “needs review” list? For example, all my transfers are showing as “needs review”, but I’ve confirmed I don’t need to categorize them at all.

You should be able to click the “Needs Review” tab in the “Transactions” part of your dashboard. This will Display all of the transactions that need review.

From here, go down line by line, click the red highlighted area, such as “Choose Category” or “Choose Property,” and select the correct category/property. As you respond to each of these red highlighted areas, the total number of “Needs Review” transactions will decrease.

Thanks @brennan.angel . I understand how that part works, but I don’t in fact want to assign these transfers to any property. For example, when I transfer money from my stessa cash management account to my outside business bank, I don’t want to be forced to enter a property for both the outgoing transfer and the incoming receipt of that transfer. I just want to ignore both of those transactions. I’m guessing there isn’t a way to mark a transaction as “reviewed” in stessa without assigning a category and property?

Oh, I get it now. Yeah, I run into that, and I’m not sure of the correct solution. I delete the transactions that I don’t think are relevant to the properties accounting.

For example, while Stessa does let me choose a credit card payment, I don’t really need to track that transfer and report it on the end-of-the-year report as all the payments are already included.

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