Show transactions with status as to validated / reviewed

I would like to have a way to easily see that I have reviewed and validated an entry. I have my accounts synced with Stessa and I wish there were a way to show that I have gone through previous entries and validated them - reconciled them with the actual transaction. I wish there were a spot to activate a green check mark at the far right of the transaction that would tell me that the entry has been reviewed and validated. I use another accounting platform for another business and this allows me to see which historical entries have been reviewed and which ones haven’t - I rely on this feature. I love Stessa and this is the only thing that I feel it is lacking and is an easy fix. For instance - I transfer among accounts which Stessa both sees as a credit and a debit, but the money hasn’t left the business so I must delete those transactions; if there were green check marks that stopped at a certain historical date then I would know that I had already reconciled back to that point - but alas there is no visual that would tell me how far back I have reconciled.

@rob.gninv Thanks for the suggestion. It’s very similar to an existing Wishlist thread, so I’ll close this thread and refer you to the following instead: