Split bank transaction into income AND expense?

Hi… I m new to Stessa and so far it looks great.
I had just linked it to my bank and I am having some troubles…

Some of my tenants use to make a NET deposit which is the result of an income (rent) less an expense (gardening or other) … I have tried to split transaction into an income/expense part but it cannot be done

Another typical situation is landlord transferrig rental less mgmt expenses so my acct shows net amount but I need to document in/out transaction

Is there any way I can log such movements?

@mardayan55 That’s correct, you cannot use the Split feature to create an income transaction out of an expense. The best way to accomplish this is to simply “Duplicate” the original transaction and then edit each transaction individually to reflect your desired outcome.

Also, there’s an existing thread that discusses strategies for handling net deposits: How to translate net PM distribution into rental income and management fee

i have a similar situation that im not sure how to log in the account. when i get the rent each month the tenant pays $1650 but $1550 is rent and $100 is for the power bill (power bill is in my name) so do i log the $1550 as rent but where do i log the $100 i received?

Hi I found out the way to do it… You need to use the web app (no phone) go to the transaction and edit it, the split the transaction in each of its parts