Splitting expenses from property manager and own expenses

Hi Everyone,

I have a property that is managed by a property manager that uses Appfolio. Those transactions are imported correctly to Stessa.

At the end of the year, the PM gives me a PDF of the property’s cash flow (owner’s statement) and uses that for the 1099.

I have expenses for the property that was not incurred through the PM (ie. large capital expenses that I paid for directly). (Q1) Is there a way to show a report of just the expenses I made outside the PM? My work around is to download an excel sheet of all the property’s cash flow for the year, and delete the line items that are duplicate (from the PM’s created cash flow/owner’s statement). I need to do it this way because my cash flow is slightly off from the PM’s cash flow statement and honestly my Stessa transactions are just to check to make sure the property manager’s numbers are correct. I guess I could create another property and just add my own expenses to that property, but that just inflates my properties owned and equity figures- it also seems silly to have to have to create a whole new prop just for this.

(Q2) Similarly, is there a way to just show expenses for my LLC that are not associated with a specific property? Ie., the Stessa annual fee. If it run the report for my LLC it will show all transactions (each property’s transactions and transaction categorized under just my LLC (umbrella category).


@willkoinvestments Starting with your second question then I will circle back to your first. When I place expenses under the parent category “LLC”, in my case “1099 Contract Work”, and not a specific property, they show up under a separate column for both net cash flow and income statement reports. I believe that is what you’re looking for. Please let me know if that solves the issue.



@willkoinvestments First, I’ll preface with saying that I do not have experience with the Appfolio API integration. I am not sure what it looks like, but it gives me an idea.

First suggestion is to download your general ledger in Excel format and filter out anything with the property manager’s name on it. This assumes the data flowing from Appfolio is labeled the same. If that doesn’t work, my second suggestion is to use the same general ledger report and scroll to the right and filter by the “Data Source” or “Account” columns. Because of Appfolio involvement, I suspect there is data in one of these columns to indicate this is where it came from. I see this when connection financial accounts, so the results are probably similar.



Good luck, hope that helps.


Hi @tlatuga I prefer to not have to download the excel sheet and delete columns to see the info I am looking for. The data flowing from Appfolio is not labeled as such so I can’t just filter it out.

When I go look at the general ledger, I can’t see it on the website, it makes me download an excel file to see the data (which is inconvenient if I just want to quickly check something).

Ideally I can see this information I want within the webpage as a report and not have to filter everything from a general ledger. Do you think this is something that is possible?

TIA for your help!

@willkoinvestments I have looked around in the reports and do not believe you will find the information you’re looking for, specifically because you want to filter out the sources of data. The reports that can be viewed on the website will easily show you incomes and expenses at the property level. But because you want to differentiate what you record vs what your PM records through appfolio, you’ll have to be a bit more manual about it.

The only other thing I can think of is if you can filter it out on the transactions page by using the “Accounts” drop down. Again, I don’t have an appfolio API to experiment with. So appfolio might not be listed under accounts but data source which is found in the excel ledger you have to download.