Ability for tenant payment to route to different accounts

It would be nice to have the ability to automatically route specific rent payment amounts to different accounts.

Example: I charge a tenant rent, plus extra money for future heating oil costs (I call this “Oil Escrow”). I will hold onto the extra funds, and mange the heating oil fuel costs with theses funds. This way, the tenant does not get hit hard in the winter with a large bill, and it saves us all a headache.
Rent is: $1000
Oil Escrow is: $100

My workflow is:

  1. Add Oil Escrow to tenant ledger as a separate charge line-item. (I have another Wishlist item to help with repetitive charges here)
  2. Tenant pays $1100.
  3. I manually split the charge on the transactions page (I have another Wishlist item to help with this here)
  4. I manually transfer the $100 to a separate account that is dedicated only for Heating Oil Fuel deliveries. (I also have another Wishlist item to help with repetitive/frequent transfers here

Proposed feature: Allow users to set a specific amount (dollar amount, or percent amount) to route to a designated account.

Using my example: I would set $100 to be automatically deposited into the Heating Oil Fuel account, while the rest of the payment ($1000) would be deposited separately into the Rents account.

At minimum this would eliminate the excessive manual monthly tasks for me, and it would make the general ledger and transactions page easier to read since there wouldn’t be separate line items for the Heating Oil Fuel transfers (which adds 2 additional line items to my transactions page).

Adding this (and all of the above liked) feature(s) would be super helpful and would enhance Stessa to meet more needs of the users.