Auto-Split Charges for Tenant Payment

When additional charges are added to a tenant’s ledger, It would be nice to have the charges automatically show as the specific transactions on the transactions page.


If I bill-back a tenant, or charge extra for future utility payments, I add the charge onto the tenant ledger. Additionally, if a payment is late, Stessa adds a late fee automatically to the tenant ledger.

The tenant then pays the full amount (rent + fees, or, rent + utility costs), but it only shows on the transactions page as RENT payment. It does not separate them out to match what was showing on the tenant ledger for charges. This requires me to then manually SPLIT the payments through the transactions page each time.

It would make sense to have the payments auto-split into the prospective payments when showing on the transactions page, as it already shows on the tenant ledger.

This would lessen manual work for the landlord/property manager/bookkeeper

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