Delete Late Fees from Ledger

Want to remove a late fee entirely from a ledger for a tenant. Right now my only option is to put a credit on the account.


Yes, I too would like to know how can I delete a late fee?

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The auto-late fee feature for Tenant Reports is a problem. An incorrect Late Fee is automatically assigned if an on-time payment is not transferred to Stessa and is assigned before the grace period expires. Now I am adding manual credits since I can not delete the incorrect Late Fees from the tenant report. Please help.

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I am having the same issue. Please post if you find a resolution.


I found this wishlist item AFTER posting about this exact issue. Since payments take days to post to bank accounts and then get importing into Stessa, the system automatically posted late fees on the ledgers of tenants who paid on time. Adding credits to offset these is a work-around and should NOT be the solution. Please make it possible to delete Late Fees from the tenant ledger.


Same problem here! It should be able to delete late fee manually

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I’d also like to see this added. I use Zillow payments so payments sent by tenants on the 1st aren’t processed to my bank until a week or so later, by which time Stessa has already added a late fee that I can’t get rid of.

One possible workaround is that you can click on the lease dates on the “Rent History” box and delete the numerical value of the late fee, but this and adding a credit each month are messy workarounds.

Also, if a partial payment is made by tenants, Stessa still charges the full amount of late fees, not based on the amount of balance left owed. This must be updated as well!

I also use a different portal to collect rent and it does take days to post, I ran into this issue for the first time over labor day weekend, which caused more delay in the posting. I would like to see this added to remove this late fee because this was posted in error. The rep asked me to credit this back as a transfer to not affect my accounting however, “transfer” is not even an option in the dropdown menu. Then the rep told me to remove late fees from applying in the future. This however, only works if you select $0 from the $ section of late fees. If you were set on % late fees and you set it to 0% then save and then come back you will see it jumped by itself to 70%. I feel like this is a glitch.

Seconded…really annoying that I cannot just delete these fees.

i would also like this issue addressed…

Auto late fee should be option that can be turned off. Also why wouldn’t you be able to delete it anyway. really bad design please fix as soon as possible.

This function should be available on a unit to unit basis. And able to be turned on and off as needed. Right now…not being able to either delete the automated late fee or turn off this feature is an extreme issue. Please remove this feature until it functions properly!!!

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So I found a way to stop auto posting tap on start date of lease for grace period set to ZERO and leave Late fee amount blank… If you need to add a Late Fee do manual.