How to delete a late fee charge?

September is the first month the system automatically inputted late charges rather than manually entering which is nice. However, I am just getting around to inputting everyone’s Sept rent in and they are not late, but I cannot figure out how to delete late fee that automatically was put in.

I have learned that you cannot delete if the system auto-generated it. You must go into the lease and credit it back in. hope that helps.

Well that is a flaw in design. So if I am slow to register a check received and the system adds a late charge I cannot reverse it? That makes no sense.

That being said… can you elaborate on what you mean by ‘go into the lease and credit it back in’? Do you mean go in and show money received from the tenant that we did not receive? I feel like that will really screw up accounting.

I am wondering the same thing. This auto feature has really messed up my accounts. I was able to manually delete the late fees all except the first one. Has anyone figured this out? Stessa can you please fix or delete this feature.