Add expense category - Credit Card Processing Fee

I use Stripe and I need to split their payouts to show Gross rent collected and then an expense category for their credit card processing fee. I own several STR’s and I have hundreds of these fee’s. I use bank fee, but then that combines with my bank account fee’s making things difficult for me at tax time!

@jerraej Can you elaborate on the outcome you’re looking for when preparing your taxes? I ask this because I think we, as investors, over analyze where all of these numbers go on the forms. If you look at schedule C and schedule E tax forms, a lot of these bookkeeping categories get combined together and then reported to the IRS. The data sent isn’t as robust as the details we are keeping in Stessa.

With that said, yes, I completely agree with you that I would love to see more categories to make better business decisions. However for tax time, I think we’re trying to over engineer the equivalent of a pencil.

Not the answer you’re looking for, but if you add “Stripe” as the payee in the transaction or anything else to differentiate it from your true bank fees, you can add these up by simply setting your payee and date filters within the transaction window. No need to run reports or export data into excel. Stessa will tally the total transaction number and dollar amount right below the filters.


Hope that helps a little bit.