Adding custom expense categories to pro forma

Is there a way to update or add categories to the pro forma? I want to add a section for vacancy expense. I budget money every month for vacancies so when I do have the vacancy, I can expense it to the budget rather than pay the mortgage out of pocket for the months the unit is vacant.



Same question here. Any suggestions?

@rjsprop @lardenny Thanks for requesting this feature. The Stessa pro forma does not currently support a vacancy reserve. As a result, we’ve gone ahead and moved this thread over to the Wishlist where other users can vote for the original post and/or add their replies.

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Thanks Devin. Do you know why some of properties include more expenses in the pro forma budget then other properties I have uploaded. For example missing management fee line item for two properties.

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I agree with this being a great thing to add. Would love to be able to add custom expenses to better align with how I do my property analysis. Things like vacancy, cap-ex etc.


Being able to add custom categories would be really helpful!

@devin Hi Devin, Has this feature ever been added? Thanks!