Alerts & Insights launched for timely updates

We’ve recently launched a new page in Stessa titled “Alerts & Insights.” It’s available via the main navigation menu on both the web and mobile versions of Stessa. Inside, you’ll find various cards with timely notices regarding lease expirations, loan-to-value ratios, and other gleanings from across your portfolio. Here’s an example…

If you haven’t yet finished setting up your Stessa account, you may also see cards prompting you to enter key pieces of information, add more properties, etc.

Some cards can be dismissed via the blue clickable text at the bottom, while other cards like the Monthly Expenses pie chart and clickable Net Cash Flow bar chart are persistent and update in real-time.

Whenever you have new cards to check out, you’ll see a small red badge appear next to “Alerts & Insights” in the navigation menu.

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Looking forward to new “insight” data for our portfolios.
More data analyzation = <3

I actually still have the Getting Started tab showing instead, even though I completed all the steps. Any ideas?

@devin.l.scott We’re not seeing the “Getting Started” prompts, so perhaps you already figured this out? The most common culprit in this scenario is missing mortgage details, but other issues with the rent roll or basic property info can also trip this wire.

I’m enjoying the new Alerts and Insights feature, but the implementation seems random. Are cards simply randomly selected for presentation? I especially like the Home Valuation Estimate card, but it doesn’t always appear. Maybe after several refreshes, it will appear. It also seems like this particular card makes more sense integrated into the Properties/Valuation Methodology page.

So, cards are not random but instead based on significant changes in the underlying data and/or we may sometimes show new/experimental cards to get a feel for what’s most interesting to customers. Currently, there’s no way to request a certain card or retrieve cards once they’re dismissed, but these are certainly features that could be requested via the Wishlist.