All data is lost!

Just logged in and saw that all the bank accounts and transactions are gone! Thank god I already ran my reports for 2022… I have heard horror stories of this happening to other people… I guess Ive been lucky thus far…

Is there anyway to get it back or do I have to re link and categorize everything??

Woah, is this for real? I just started using Stessa and this makes me nervous!?

Been on Stessa for 2 years and this is the first time this has happened… Ive always had error messages saying there is issues with my linked accounts but the transactions always still imported… ive heard of this happening to other people before… i hate to say it but i think im switching to quickbooks… there is no support to get ahold of here to help resolve these types of issues… sad really… i LOVED Stessa this whole time… but i cant risk this happening in the middle of the year! Its already a pain having to go through a months transactions and re categorize

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Yeah, Roofstock needs to give this app more priority and get some of this simple stuff fixed. Otherwise I’m happy with it so far.

All my data disappeared since this morning except the one rental that I logged yesterday as sold. I mean all of it is gone. I’m a pro member. Anyone else?

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All my data is restored. I think it may have had something to do with me changing my email user name. Anyway… all is well. Whew!