AppFolio Accounts Syncing but transactions not showing on Transactions Page

I have several properties that sync to 2 separate property managers, who both use AppFolio. I noticed this month, that both show as recently sync’d in external accounts page, but none of the transactions show up under each individual property as they usually do. Maybe an issue with AppFolio accounts specifically? Is anyone else seeing this?

I am having the same issue since end of March, except in my case I only have one property manager and using one AppFolio account.
Have reached out to stessa and was given the option to upload a file but Appfolio only allows .csv file format and this is very manual transformation from taking the export from appfolio, into a format which stessa recognizes and then going to each transaction to update to add more details.
Pretty much made using stessa useless. This is going to be pain at the end of the year.

How about you? Any update on this?