Incomplete set of transactions downloaded from Appfolio

I have added a new portfolio to Stessa and defined an External Account for it. My property manager uses AppFolio, so linking it to my new portfolio was straightforward.
This portfolio has 4 properties. After Stessa downloaded transactions for all of them, I compared data with the statements I retrieved manually from AppFolio. Transactions for 2 of them downloaded correctly, the third one misses 2 transactions in July, and transactions for the forth stopped at April 2, 2021.

What might be the reason for this incomplete set of transactions and what are the steps to troubleshoot the problem?
Thank you.

@sapronovyt Since it sounds like your issue is related to your specific PM/Appfolio connection, please open a 1:1 support ticket so we can investigate and resolve this for you directly.

I’ve been checking the transactions in Stessa for this new portfolio for several days and little by little missing transactions were added all by themselves. There are still several of them missing, but I will be watching hoping that eventually everything will stabilize. If not, I will open a support ticket.