Multi-factor (MFA / 2FA) authentication for Appfolio PM connections

More and more companies are adopting Multi-Factor Authentication, including one of the PM companies that I work with. The wish is to add support for Multi-Factor Authentication for Appfolio similar to what STESSA does for bank accounts.


I agree! My PM company is requiring I use the 2 factor authorization, and since Stessa does not support it, I cannot automatically pull reports. Security risks are a serious concern for many users and multi-factor authentication should be a given now a days.

@roman25 @jossyulloa21 Yes, we’re aware of the recent changes Appfolio made regarding two factor authentication (2FA) and we’re working on a long-term solution.

In the meantime, simply download your Owner Statement PDF from your PM and use the “Import” button on your Transactions page to upload the file to Stessa. No prep work on the file is required. Upload it as-is and you’ll see all your data appear on your transactions list in short order.

Hi @roman25 @jossyulloa21

We started working on MFA support for Appfolio and we are planning to ship it live within next two weeks


@devin thanks for addressing this. I’m in the process of trying this now.

could you please tell us how the data is being scrubbed? esp given it’s a .pdf with LOTS of other non-useful info. is this a manual process on your end or is there a script you guys wrote? just wondering about accuracy. thanks!!

follow-up…the pdf import was pretty good. count is off by 2, but that’s not so much different than usual. one request is to please add a feature to choose which property to apply the transactions to as a BULK process. as it is now, users must manually assign EACH transaction to a property. this could be utterly impossible for those of your clients with thousands of transactions per month. thanks and good luck with this!

As of this afternoon you are now able to refresh your Appfolio connections via two-factor authentication directly from your Data Sources page in Stessa. Just click the Fix It link and proceed!

Note that each authorization is good for 30 days. If your PM is posting new Owner Statements monthly, you will generally need to refresh the 2FA before the new statement data will show on your Transactions page.

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I have confirmed that the 2FA setup did work but have yet to receive this months transactions as I am awaiting for my property manager to populate my account. After next week I should see if all the transactions are able to come through.