Two factor authentication for banks, lenders, and Appfolio

Recently my mortgage company changed to a two-step verification process. This new process broke my linked account. Does Stessa have a fix for this new logon process?


@anthonyg1464 Yes! The best way to resolve this issue for an existing account connection is to click “Refresh” under the small gear icon at far right on your Data Sources page. Follow the prompts all the way through, including answering any security questions or two-factor authentication requests.

If you’re still having trouble getting fresh data after the refresh, open a support conversation by clicking the blue circle at lower right. Then click “New Conversation” and let us know what’s going on.

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This does not work for a specific Data Source I use, AppFolio. AppFolio is the tool my property manager uses to track my account with them. There is no ‘Refresh’ option on the small gear icon, only ‘Edit Credentials’. And, when editing credentials (attempting to cause Stessa to login to AppFolio), the error message is: “Your username and password are valid, but your Appfolio account is protected by Two Factor Authentication which is not supported by Stessa. Log in to your Appfolio account and disable Two Factor Authentication”

I LOVE Stessa, and with this error occuring, Stessa becomes about 75% useless to me. Is there something I or Stessa can do to fix this?

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@jayson.payne Good question. We’re aware of the changes Appfolio has made around two-factor authentication (2FA) and are working on a long-term solution. In the meantime, you can do a monthly direct upload to get your Appfolio data into Stessa efficiently.

Simply download your Owner Statement PDF from your PM and use the “Import” button on your Transactions page to upload the PDF file. Stessa will automatically parse the document and add the data to your transactions list.

Upload Transactions Data (QIF, CSV)

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Stessa is worthless to me now. All of my PMs have gone to two step authentication. When will you guys have a fix for this?

I must agree I have recently had my PM turn on 2FA for my accounts with Appfolio and now I am stuck and can’t get my transactions to move to Stessa. I can deal with problems on a mortgage or two but the amount of transactions my PM does makes this a requirement. Please work on fixing this soon.

I got my PM to turn off 2FA for Appfolio, I click the fix It link, enter my Appfolio password, I get no error. The login box goes away but takes me back to “Two Factor Auth (2FA) not supported” with the “Fix It” link. I login to AppFolio and verify that 2FA is off. How do I refresh the connection now that 2FA is off?

Update: looks like it refreshed and now updated. Would be nice to have a manual refresh option.

@anthonyg1464 @jayson.payne @saiphgroupllc @brianclaar @ryan.garoogian
I’ve edited my earlier reply above to note that there’s now an easy workaround to get your Appfolio data into Stessa. Give it a try and let us know how it goes!

Thanks @devin this has worked for me very well it is a few more steps but appfolio does group all of my transactions into the owners statement per month so it is one upload. Anxious to see the implementation of 2FA so we can get back to automatic uploads of our data.

I see Stessa has already implemented Two-Factor Auth for its own site. If it is not that hard to support third-party, like appfolio, Two-Factor Authentication, why don’t simply implement it, please ? It will be very helpful. Thanks.

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@devin does this only work with PDF’s from appfolio? What about other systems like

@muswei To close the loop here on a number of open threads, we now support 2FA for Appfolio within Stessa. Go ahead and give it a try via your Data Sources page.

PropertyWare and various other PM reporting systems are currently not supported with direct integrations on Stessa. Specific requests are being tracked via the Wishlist: