Auto-calculate interest, principal, and escrows for mortgage payments

A function that has the ability to slip multiple transactions would give user the ability to approximate this ability. Say my mortgage payment is $1000 per month. At the end of the year, my bank shows 12 payments or total of $12,000 went to mortgage payment. I know that out of those payments $9600, $900 and $300 went to interest, tax and insurance respectively. Using this function, I can select the 12 payments and split them 80% interest, 7.5% tax, 2.5% insurance and 10% principle. It will not be exact for each month but it will be exact for the entire series. This could be useful for other regular payments that has split-able components. If you are interest in this function, I’ve put a request in the wishlist section.

I have mortgages with Wells Fargo and Homepoint Financial, Stessa tells me that Stessa does not support connecting to this Data Source yet. Any thoughts on when they me become available?

YES! I need the same, and it seems like it should be a relatively easy fix to automate this.

I absolute want to see this added too. It’s amazing Stessa does not provide tools to assist with this process.

I am an intermediate Excel user and created my own tool to split my mortgage payments. It may not work for everyone’s situation, but I wanted to share. The Excel file is available on my Google Drive (Go to File>Download after opening):

Use at your own risk - I cannot guarantee it will work for others.

How this functionality was not incorporated into this softwares development from the beginning is disappointing, but it still not being added after 3 years and over 150 requests should be embarrassing.

The lack of this feature is especially frustrating given that this isn’t free software anymore. They charge a considerable amount monthly for the “pro” version but key features are still missing.