Auto update valuation with Zillow estimate

Hi…I think it would be nice to have valuation automatically updated with Zillow estimate instead of needing to refresh manually

@mardayan55 We agree but Zillow’s terms unfortunately do not allow for automatic updates. Manual action is required each time you’d like to update the value on Stessa.

Hey there Devin,

Not sure how they do this, but Personal Capital has Zillow auto-updates.

Hi Devin, thanks for your answer on this one.

just letting you know, i had been working with property dashboard and i think some changes might help improve it… the current kpi calculations make them useless for property mgmt since:

. CAPRATE is based in budgeted NOI, even though this can be usefull for projection IT SHOULD BE A MUST to have CAPRATE based in last 12 months performance since this will take in consideration the non planned expenses which are the key elements affecting your financial performance, FINALLY THE AT AQUISITION calculation is not very usefull for me… IT WOULD BE PERFECT TO HAVE CAPRATE PLANNED VS ACTUAL 12 MONTHS

. GRM its again based on planned rent, would be nice to at least compare itself with real rent 12 month but i cannot make use of it

. NEW KPI… to blend the income and sales comparison (NOI divided by CAP rate actual last 12 months) to determine the property’s actual value