Automatic Categorizations and Property Assignments based off historical user input

Suggesting there be a function or AI capability where the system can automate the transaction categorizations for commonly reoccurring charges or bills. Having to categorize the same bills each month seems a little redundant and can be time consuming it also creates room for user error. If I have a mortgage that was $1245.68 last month and I categorized it as a mortgage for a specific property, it’d be nice if the system knew to categorize based off prior selections if the biller name or amount is the same, so I do not have to categorize it manually again this month. In a similar fashion, if I categorized a “ABC Power Company” charge last month as being electric, and I get another “ABC Power Company” charge even if it’s for a different $ amount, it should be able to recognize this as being a power bill and categorize automatically but leave the property selection blank.