Automatic filters reset

It would be really helpful if I could retain settings for all filters in the Transactions page.
For example, I often need to review transactions with certain categories for multiple properties within certain date range. Here is how it works now.

  1. Choose the property. Wait until the full recordset is retrieved.
  2. Select the date range. Wait until the filtered recordset is retrieved.
  3. Select the category. Wait until the filtered recordset is retrieved.

If you select another property, all filters are reset, and you have to repeat these steps all over again.
Very often I have to review dozens of properties using the same set of filters. Pretty soon these repetitive (and unnecessary) mouse clicks become annoying.

There is a standard way to fix this: customization. Currently it’s missing altogether. It would be great to be able to define whether I want to reset all filters automatically or not, and not only that.
We’ve already discussed earlier the way the amounts filter works. For me (and I am not alone) it would be great if I could control whether it works the standard way.

I am sure that simple customization would make Stessa much more user friendly.