Automatically split expenses by unit

Is there an option to split expenses by set percentage for units within a property? E.g. I have two units and both are rented but would like to split the cost of utilities as 60% to the main unit or upper level and 40% to the basement unit.

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This would save a great deal of time. Multi unit buildings have building-level expenses and it isn’t very common where all units are the exact same size.

Seems it should be easy to add an extra piece of metadata per unit for “auto split percentage”.
And then when selecting a unit for a transaction, I would love if the list showed “Auto Split” as an option so we didn’t even need to click through to the split transaction UI.

I will add a request to have more than one “auto split group” per property. I have some transactions that are building-wide and some transactions that are only “per floor” (for example)… so I don’t split all transactions the same all the time for a given property.

If others are dealing with this issue with some slick approach, I’d love to hear about it.