Bookeeper or accountant help

Any accountants familiar with Stessa’s categories? Can i pay you for a few hours consultations?

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Were you able to find one? I’m in the same boat.

Yes please! Also Interested in hiring a Stessa-knowledgeable consultant for help getting started correctly and efficiently.

Also curious to see where this ended up.

@lunguyen @sueellen @whidbeytammy @windypointllc curious to hear how everything turned out for everyone. I’m looking to start a service to manage others’ bookkeeping. I’d love to hear about everyone’s pain points.

@tlatuga I just started using Stessa and am in the same situation as the others; just need an accountant who knows Stessa inside and out who could consult or answer questions that are turning up. Are you a CPA?

@innovationsinhousing No, I’m not a CPA but I own a bookkeeping service for landlords. Severa of my clients use Stessa and add my firm as a collaborator to help them with the data entry and financial review. I am also a tax-savvy investor myself. Have been using Stessa since 2020 with a lot of success.

Ok, since I have tried four times to email someone at Stessa support to ask some basic questions not answered anywhere in the forums or in the videos, I am wondering if you know, and if so, how you were able to access answers to your questions? Do you have a more direct connection with the person(s) in charge of “Customer Success”?

I must say I am pretty disappointed, though I am really excited about Stessa – it is mostly so intuitive and easy to use. I know the basic Stessa is free, but I was planning on going with the paid version with my two real estate investment/rental companies. At least someone should be managing the questions in the forum, don’t you think?

Since you say you’ve been using Stessa since 2020 shed some light on this for me, would you? Is there a way to get Stessa Support to answer? Are you able to? And if so, how much do you charge? And where are you physically located?

Thanks in advance.

@innovationsinhousing Unfortunately the few times I needed support I only received generic “we’ll look into it” or “we’ll pass it along” type responses. I have the personality to do a lot of trial and error to make things work where necessary. I just pivot and make adjustments if something isn’t going according to plan.

If you’d like help with Stessa, we can set up a one-time paid session or if you’re becoming frustrated with Stessa on a regular basis, we can discuss offloading to my bookkeeper service.

Will get with you on your website. Thanks.