Cash Management vs Relay

I was considering opening a Relay account to manage my many bank accounts for the STRs that I own and was debating between Cash Management and Relay. However, I ended up opening a Relay account anyway because Cash Management has some significant limitations for STRs usage, so I’m just using the accounts for my reserves for my LTRs to take advantage of the good APY rate. My questions are:

  • Is the $500/day, $4,000/month limit for outgoing transfers increased or removed if I upgrade to a pro account? This is a major limitation because if I need to withdraw money or move money to another bank account for a down payment for my next property, major repairs, etc…I can’t so my money is trapped. I understand that I can still pay my mortgages etc using the account number and routing number.
    -$6k deposit/month: What happened if my STRs generate more than $6k, these accounts would just simply don’t accept my money anymore?
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