Close out / sale of property: Final numbers

Hello- If I sold a property and want to close it out on my Stessa profile to include ROI etc how do I go about doing so?

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@jeff Sold properties are not currently supported on Stessa, so we recommend simply setting up a separate Portfolio called “SOLD” and moving the disposed Property into this new Portfolio. You’ll do this via the Portfolios page within your Stessa account. This will preserve all historical data while filtering the sold property data out of your other Portfolio Dashboard views.

If others would like to see more explicit support for disposed Properties, please click the heart at the bottom of the original post to voice your support.


@jeff Good news: Sold properties are now supported on Stessa. There’s a checkbox for this scenario available under “Financial Details” on the Property detail page. You’ll access the setting in the same place you edit the acquisition price and date.

Once checked, you’ll be prompted to add the sale price and other key details, which will eventually be used as inputs for disposition reporting and close-out analytics, as requested above. That said, there’s currently no firm ETA on the new close-out reports.