Creating "what if" scenario quickly

Is there a way to click and drag a property from my active portfolio of properties to my sold properties and back again. I put a property into “sold” recently and now I want to see the effect of that property on my income and expense statement. Is there a quick “click and drag” way to bring that property out of sold status? If not could you consider making that a new feature.
Thank you,

@forgrinz You can simply un-check and then re-check the “This property has been sold” checkbox in the Financial Details window to accomplish this. That’s as quick as it’s going to get!

Thanks Devin.
For some reason now I am able to drag properties on the property list in and out of my different categories (active, sold, personal residence etc). I couldn’t do that when I contacted you. Not sure what happened but you granted my wish without even knowing it.
Thanks again.

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