Create RULES for Auto-Transaction Tagging/Categories?


I sure wish I could “Create Rules” for Auto Tagging of re-occuring bills under Transactions - auto tagged to the correct property. Is there a way to do this? (Like in quickbooks, I can create rules.) So the next time the Internet or Power bills comes across - I can create a tagging rule. So Spectrum bill gets tagged under “Internet” for the correct property?

Thank you!


Yes this would be a great feature

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Yes, excellent suggestion.

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Even a simple substring match would be amazingly useful

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This would easily cut my time doing maintenance in Stessa in half!!! Thanks for the suggestion.


Yes i would like this too

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Yes, this feels long over-due.

I would love to have this feature also.

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Chiming in also to agree here, having the ability to create rules to auto-categorize transactions would be super useful.

Stessa does “try” and learn and categorize transactions. My problem with this is that you can’t edit the rules if they are wrong

would be a great addition to make Stessa more useful


Rocket Money has this on their app already.

And unfortunately, the AI doesn’t seem to be smart enough to default certain transactions to how you usually tag them when they are repeated.