Create RULES for Auto-Transaction Tagging/Categories?


I sure wish I could “Create Rules” for Auto Tagging of re-occuring bills under Transactions - auto tagged to the correct property. Is there a way to do this? (Like in quickbooks, I can create rules.) So the next time the Internet or Power bills comes across - I can create a tagging rule. So Spectrum bill gets tagged under “Internet” for the correct property?

Thank you!


Yes this would be a great feature

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Yes, excellent suggestion.

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Even a simple substring match would be amazingly useful

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This would easily cut my time doing maintenance in Stessa in half!!! Thanks for the suggestion.


Yes i would like this too

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Yes, this feels long over-due.

I would love to have this feature also.

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Chiming in also to agree here, having the ability to create rules to auto-categorize transactions would be super useful.

Stessa does “try” and learn and categorize transactions. My problem with this is that you can’t edit the rules if they are wrong