Is there a way to set category rules?

Hi folks,

Is there a way to set category rules / auto-categorize? I have payments to my cleaner, who is called Mercedes and her name shows up on the transaction, which makes Stessa automatically set the name / description to Mercedes-Benz and sets the category to Mileage. This is of course, wrong and I’d like to make a change such that I don’t have to manually correct it every time there’s a payment to my cleaner.

Any suggestions?



Did you ever find the answer to your question? Someone please help. In Quickbooks we were able to set category rules so that I don’t have to classify the same monthly transaction over and over every month. If I get an internet bill from Spectrum once per month and it’s always the same exact amount, we should be able to set a rule to auto-categorize this.

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I am wanting to do the same - certain monthly bills I always want classified to certain properties.

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agree… same here. Same expenses over and over.

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Setting transaction rules for specific merchants to define the category for recurring charges would be very beneficial and provide automation. Mint (personal finance) does this and it works great. Please add this feature!

Yes, I am facing the same problem even with rent. It will be automatically categorized only with the exact rent, but many tenants pay in two or more installment and even though the payments have tenant name, they are not recognized, and I have to link them to the tenant.

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I am still evaluating this program, and this issue (as well as better/custom categories) are the only show-stoppers preventing from going all in.