Is there a way to set category rules?

Hi folks,

Is there a way to set category rules / auto-categorize? I have payments to my cleaner, who is called Mercedes and her name shows up on the transaction, which makes Stessa automatically set the name / description to Mercedes-Benz and sets the category to Mileage. This is of course, wrong and I’d like to make a change such that I don’t have to manually correct it every time there’s a payment to my cleaner.

Any suggestions?



Did you ever find the answer to your question? Someone please help. In Quickbooks we were able to set category rules so that I don’t have to classify the same monthly transaction over and over every month. If I get an internet bill from Spectrum once per month and it’s always the same exact amount, we should be able to set a rule to auto-categorize this.

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I am wanting to do the same - certain monthly bills I always want classified to certain properties.

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agree… same here. Same expenses over and over.

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