Feature Request: Automation or Rulesets

First some context: I am currently using Stessa to manage STR Books. I’m following the Profit First methods and I have many transfers and accounts. Some properties are grouped together and use the same sources & destinations for money. I’ve considered doing a single bank account for each property, but it breaks my budgeting method of saving for taxes and such.

I largely use a single CC and a single OPEX Bank account that pays the bills. Each month I receive multiple internet bills / utility bills / etc. It’d be awesome to be able to generate rules for transactions that would be applied to the different transactions.

Example rule:

  • If transaction from Comcast description equals “ABC123” then → Apply to Property B
  • If transaction from Comcast description equals “ABC333” then → Apply to Property C

It won’t catch everything, but some sort of automation/rule sets would go a long way


This feature would be very helpful to me.

This would be a great addition, or just better ML for transactions already categorised

I agree a feature like this would be valuable. Similar to setting up a rule in quickbooks, you should be able to set up rules to automatically classify transactions.

This would be excellent. Should be applied to both what property a transaction is classified under and what category this expense is. The way this works in Mint is super-helpful, where whenever you re-categorize a transaction there is an option to make that manual change a permanent rule.

(e.g. “Classify all transactions called ‘Sanitation’ under 123 Main Street in the future”?)

100%. Originally this was why I went with QuickBooks. I really love Stessa and this is the last feature I really need to make it make sense.

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