CSV upload template to include property as column in template

Would love to be able to upload 10 properties at once in the transactions by providing a column for property to apply to (as is, need to upload 10 different transaction files which can be time consuming). I could upload all and then do bulk update to edit each to relevant property but as the number of rentals grows, this can be very tedious and a lot of manual clicking.

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Kevin, I am struggling with this too. Did you find a better solution?

Unfortunately not. It is very tedious to enter each month if you have many properties. I’d love to hear if anybody has other suggestions. Hopefully this is an optional feature that will get added to the product! Thanks for the reply.

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the suggestion! I’d like to learn more about your use case so we can build something that works well for you.

It sounds like you are importing transactions pretty frequently. Out of curiosity, where are you getting this data from? It sounds like you have a spreadsheet where each transaction is already labeled with a property - do you assign the property for each transaction as part of your manual process, or does your data already come to you that way?


We currently track 10+ properties in an excel sheet (one tab per property) and if this feature was available, would create another tab (i.e. Monthly transactions) that does a VLookup on the data from each of the property tabs to add the monthly transactions for all of the properties with a 6th column that includes the property address (which matches the one in Stessa). I downloaded a free Excel PlugIn called ‘XLTools.net Tool Export to CSV’ which allows us to highlight the transactions and save directly to a separate CSV which can be used as template for upload. Manually copying to the template file also works (and what we’ve been doing) but this requires 10+ copies and uploads. Thanks for considering!

Hi Kevin,

We have incorporated your suggestion recently and have added support for an optional Property column for Transaction importing. Take a look at our documentation at https://support.stessa.com/en/articles/2410934-upload-transactions-data-qif-csv and give it a try. Let us know if this helps with your workflow, and thanks again for your feedback!


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Thanks for letting me know this feature is now available. I’ve tried it out and it works great. Thanks for incorporating into the product - this will be a huge timesaver for me!


Just to clarify, Stessa now supports data file uploads in the following formats:

  • QIF
  • QFX
  • OFX
  • CSV

CSV is the least advantageous because: 1) you will first need to prep your file to meet our formatting requirements, and 2) only limited data fields are supported.

The other three formats are generally preferred as you can upload them in their native form without any additional processing. Just download a QIF, QFX, or OFX file from your bank or lender and upload it into Stessa as is.

For more info, visit the help article: Upload Transactions Data (QIF, QFX, OFX, CSV)