CSV description, category, and property matching

I’m setting up my CSV because my bank isn’t yet connected to Stessa. In the video tutorial, the description always matched the category, but what should I be putting into description? I’m also not seeing how to specify which property it’s tracking.


I know this is a late reply, but:
the description can be whatever you want. it shows up in the “Notes” field if you were to create the transaction manually.
selecting the property that each transaction applies to happens on import. it’s generally recommended that you include only transactions for a single property in each CSV file. then, when you import it, you can select which property the transaction applies to. if you are unable to separate the CSV, then you will want to import it to your portfolio, then manually change the property that each transaction applies to (you can use the bulk edit to make it go faster)

hope this helps

Thanks @pumrum for the excellent reply.

The only detail I’ll add is that you can (optionally) include a “Category” column if you like, as long as your entries in this column exactly match the top level category or sub-category on Stessa. Since all sub-category names are unique, you can ignore the top-level category if using subs. The “Description” column is different and like @pumrum says, will populate the “Notes” field in the Transactions ledger.

You’ll find a full list of all categories available on Stessa here: Stessa Categories: Master List

Finally, the CSV uploader does not currently support a “Property” column (but we’re working on adding this), so you’ll want to separate each property’s data into a separate CSV document and then upload each in turn with the correct property address selected in the upload window.

Further details on CSV uploads are available here: Upload Transactions Data (QIF, CSV)

@pumrum @travisbushaw Good news! Stessa CSV uploads now support an optional “Property” column so that you can upload transactions for multiple properties via a single file. Just include a “Property” column in your header row, and then make sure your property addresses/names exactly match what you have set up in your Stessa account. Pay attention to extra spaces, abbreviations, etc. to get a perfect match!