Transaction categories for w-2 income

I am new to Stessa and synched my bank accounts in. I get all the property related categories. But what about non-property related categories like w-2 income? I saw the following in the help section but it might as well have been Greek to me. No offense to the Greek. I loved 300! Named my company after it.
I DONT UNDERSTAND THIS: Use the list below for quick reference or cut and paste the top-level or the sub-category (but not both) into an optional “Category” column in your CSV data file before importing. When you upload a CSV file with the categories already populated, Stessa will automatically categorize the transactions for you.

@joel1 Stessa is purpose-built for rental property owners and does not currently support general purpose accounting categories for active forms of income like W-2 earnings, etc.

The instructions for uploading CSV files include an option to designate Stessa supported categories for uploaded transactions via a separate column in your data file. This is not related to adding or creating new categories. Hope that helps!