Dashboard NCF chart legend order and color scheme

A great feature is to hover over the month’s bar chart and get a broken down snapshot of income and expenses. However, with the current color gradient, it is hard to distinguish what is what if you have multiple categories in a particular month. Furthermore, when I try to “go in order” of colors in my hovered-over mini window and those colors/categories of the legend in the chart, they don’t line up or at least the Taxes category did not for me.

I would suggest a future feature to make the colors with more contrast AND/OR readjust the mini pop-up window when hovering over the month to align with the order presented in the graph’s legend.



I agree. Colors are too similar. If we can’t choose the colors, then make them distinguishable.

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@tsilverman1 @kevinbuyshouses Thanks for this great suggestion. We agree and we’ve now updated the Net Cash Flow chart with a more varied color palette. Check it out on your Dashboard.