Deleted Transactions Reappearing


  1. I noticed that all transactions from my 2 checking accounts were being imported even though I had excluded our Personal (Main) Checking Account and selected our Business Checking (a Sub Account of our Main Checking Account) to be imported. To prevent this in the future, I am in the process of setting up a totally separate checking account (not a sub account) for Business and linking Stessa to this account only. So, I think this will be remedied.

  2. After deleted all the above non-business transactions, I ran a 2023 Net Cash Flow for report for my CPA on 4/2/24. Today, I noticed that most of the deleted transactions have reappeared. Other actions had been lost like Mortgage Payments that had been divided in Principle, Interest, Tax/Insurance. Also, other transactions had been duplicated. As a result, running a 2023 Net Cash Flow today gives me different/incorrect numbers.

Please advise. Is there any way to revert back to my account the way it was on 4/2/24? Thanks