DocuSign feature appears to be incomplete

As one of the justifications for the paid “Pro” version of Stessa and most recently the price hike, you’ve included eSigning via DocuSign.

I decided to try out this feature to attempt to save some money over a separate DocuSign subscription.

Unfortunately, the feature appears to be incomplete. I’ve got a document out there awaiting eSignature, and no options. I’m not given any details about who has yet to sign (unless I go into the document via the DocuSign wrapper and show history), no way to send reminders, no ability to replace documents, no templating…I looked through the support docs for this stuff and see no mention of any of these capabilities…if they’re there and I missed them, please let me know how to access them?

Otherwise, you’re charging folks for what is an incomplete implementation, and keeping me at least reliant on DocuSign.