Esign Documents

Would love to have ability to esign documents, leases/etc, integrated into Stessa.


Same here - this feature would help save time and make it a smooth process.


esigning leases would be amazing


YES! I would also like this feature

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I’ll pay for this. I’d rather give Stessa my money than DocuSign or DropBoxSign.


I’m using Zillow for applications, rent collection and lease E-signing. They have cheaper application fees and the tenant can take the application to other rentals on Zillow. Would love to see all of this in Stessa, but the application fee is more expensive and no e-sign integration is a deal breaker.


Same, using Zillow for application screening and lease signing. Would be nice to be able to do it here.

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I do the same thing with Zillow for applications. Seems so much easier (and cheaper) for tenants to use a zillow application.

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YES! Innago offers this for free, but their accounting is limited. I would love to be able to just use one option instead of using one for document management and another for accounting.

Would be great to have this feature

I do have a few wish list items on this system. I really want, and will pay for, all my needs mainly in one system. I think this system needs a CRM/Communication portal and a document sharing and E-DocuSign ability.

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E-sign would be amazing. Upload a lease and send it out.


I swear I saw an announcement that docusign is now included in Pro. I see 5/month listed now on the Pro benefits. But - I don’t see instructions on how to use this benefit.

@hahnmt You got it right! eSigning is indeed now included in the paid Stessa Pro plan. Five (5) eSignings per month are included, all handled through our new integration with DocuSign. And just to clarify, it’s five documents per month, regardless of how many signatures are required on each document.

Also note that 60+ legal forms and templates are now also included with a Stessa Pro subscription. You can easily grab a lease document or other template, customize it, and send around for eSignatures all within Stessa.

Check out everything Stessa Pro has to offer or learn more about eSigning in this support article.

Follow-up question. Now that I have set up documents to send to tenants a few times, I am noticing that I must manually place all fields for each new tenant document every time.

Can a document and fields be saved as a template? The FAQ makes no mention of it