Renew lease but used to be done by property manager and now by me


I used to have a property manager due to some reason, now I need to take care of myself now.
The lease is done and they are currently doing month to month.
I told them that we will renew the lease soon per year.
I’m using Stessa to manage the properties and they are already with Stessa.
However, I wonder if I can use Stessa to renew the lease agreement with them.
Should I check all the docs as well during renew lease?


I’m not sure I completely follow the specifics to your question. With that said, within Stessa, you can send documents for esignature. I cannot recall if you need to upgrade to the Pro version, which I have done. It can be found under the “documents” tab.


Thank you. That helped. Found the lease agreement under the documents tab. Thank you…

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